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Target Machine Proxy_Node-X04

IP Address

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Summary Edit

  • Access a proxy computer and delete stolen information
  • Get hacked yourself
  • Reply to the Entropy email (passive), or get revenge on your attacker

Email Edit


You've proved yourself very capable in a very small amount of time, I'm impressed

There's something that's been bothering me for a while that I'd like you to help with. A relatively new, but apparently talented hacker by the handle "Naix" has been a bit... Over aggressive. He claims to have recently stolen a great deal of internal data from Macrosoft inc.

Entropy is actively trying to improve the view of the hacker community in the eyes of the public - just because our methods can be illegitimate, does not mean our intentions are to harm. Naix is doing a lot to damage this effort.

I would like you to delete what he stole - the IP he used to access their servers it attached, the archive should be on that node somewhere.

A recently acquired program has been added to the asset server to aid you in this task.


Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Jason's Proxy_Node-X04 Plus to your netmap
  • On your own machine, run shell
  • Change the mode on your machines shell from overload to trap
  • On at least two other machines, run shell
  • Logon to Entropy Asset Server
  • Download SMTPoverflow.exe
  • Login to Proxy_Node-X04
  • Overload Proxy
  • Crack FTP, SMTP, and SSH
  • PortHack
  • Delete the Macrosoft file in home/
  • At this point, you get an email from Naix in outrage. Not long after, he will try to hack you
  • Trigger the trap shell on your home computer to kill the attack. If you are not fast enough, he will crash you and kill your x-server.sys file. If that happens, the easiest way to get it back is to scan your home computer, connect to the IP you find, and then do cd (any folder) and then cat /sys, then scp the x-server.sys file on that machine
  • Now at this point, you have several options. You can reply to the email from Entropy and the mission will be considered done. Skip to CSEC Invitation.
  • Alternatively, you can counter-hack Naix.

Console Commands

  • scan, cd, cat, scp, connect,