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Target Machine Proxy_Node-X04

IP Address

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Summary Edit

  • Access a proxy computer and delete stolen information
  • Get hacked yourself
  • Reply to the Entropy email (passive), or get revenge on your attacker

Email Edit


You've proved yourself very capable in a very small amount of time, I'm impressed

There's something that's been bothering me for a while that I'd like you to help with. A relatively new, but apparently talented hacker by the handle "Naix" has been a bit... Over aggressive. He claims to have recently stolen a great deal of internal data from Macrosoft inc.

Entropy is actively trying to improve the view of the hacker community in the eyes of the public - just because our methods can be illegitimate, does not mean our intentions are to harm. Naix is doing a lot to damage this effort.

I would like you to delete what he stole - the IP he used to access their servers it attached, the archive should be on that node somewhere.

A recently acquired program has been added to the asset server to aid you in this task.


Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Jason's Proxy_Node-X04 Plus to your netmap
  • On your own machine, run shell
  • Change the mode on your machines shell from overload to trap
  • On at least two other machines, run shell
  • Logon to Entropy Asset Server
  • Download SMTPoverflow.exe
  • Login to Proxy_Node-X04
  • Overload Proxy
  • Crack FTP, SMTP, and SSH
  • PortHack
  • Delete the Macrosoft file in home/
  • At this point, you get an email from Naix in outrage. Not long after, he will try to hack you
  • Trigger the trap shell on your home computer to kill the attack. If you are not fast enough, he will crash you and kill your x-server.sys file. If that happens, the easiest way to get it back is to scan your home computer, connect to the IP you find, and scp the x-server.sys file on that machine
  • Now at this point, you have several options. You can reply to the email from Entropy and the mission will be considered done. Skip to CSEC Invitation.
  • Alternatively, you can counter-hack Naix.

Console Commands

  • scan