Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the game Hacknet.

Bit is a hacker and character central to the plot of Hacknet. Whilst never interacted with directly as he's actually deceased by the time the games plot begins, he plays a key role in both the early and late stages of the game, and he, or perhaps more technically, his failsafe program acts as the primary catalyst for the events of the game.

Background: Edit

Bit was a hacker and computer programmer of genius level proportions. Originally a contractor for the company known as EnTech and assistant in the creation of both the HacknetOS and Porthack programs, Bit grew disillusioned with the company when he realised the ramifications his work would have, pushing the world of cyber-security towards a monopoly with EnTech possessing the only security software and programs necessary and capable of defending against Hacknet and Porthack.

Death: Edit

Shortly before the events of Hacknet itself takes place, Bit is murdered by hired hit-men. The hit-men were sent, technically by mistake, by the CEO of EnTech, who only wanted to "discourage" Bit from attempting to stop EnTech and their work on both Hacknet and the EnSec security software designed to stop it.

2 weeks after his death, Bits failsafe kicks in, and the events of the game itself begin.

Role in Hacknet: Edit

Bit, through means of his failsafe program, acts for the most part of the game, as a sort of guide through the early sections. He initially contacts the player and gives them basic lessons and instructions on how to use the Hacknet program and tools such as the Porthack.

After giving the player instructions and so on, as well as pushing them towards joining the group called Entropy, Bit more or less disappears for the rest of the game, leaving the player to their own devices. Eventually however, he resurfaces, leaving a message in an encrypted file called heart.dec explaining why he did everything he did, before pointing the player towards the CEO of EnTechs email account.

Eventually a little after pointing the player towards the CEO's email account, he contacts the player a final time via email to request they get rid of Porthacks heart, explaining that whilst Porthack was initially a standalone thing, he prevented it from becoming so by tying it to the "heart" and requests the player stop it.

After the player connects to Porthack.heart and uses the Porthack program itself one last time to put a stop ti it, an audio log of Bit himself plays, recognising that if the player is hearing it, Porthack's heart is stopped and things are over. With his final message Bit thanks the player for their work.

Personality Edit

Whilst little of Bits personality is revealed in the game itself, and its somewhat difficult to glean much about him from the emails you receive, Bit appears to generally be a calm and kind individual with good intentions. Despite seemingly being aware that his death was imminent based on how he spoke in his emails, Bit remained focused on the goal of eradicating the Hacknet program before it got out of control.

He also possesses a strong moral compass, disliking the concept of one company such as EnTech having more or less absolute control over security software and defences against hackers and things such as Hacknet/Porthack itself, to the point where he went out of his way to try stop it all at any cost, even though it lead to his own demise.

Bit also seems to be a somewhat forgiving character, stating he respects EnTech and their work on trying to fix security, even in spite of the fact it would cripple his skills.

Trivia Edit

  • In the first and also final audio log by Bit, Bit is voiced by Chris Larkin.

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