Previous Mission Aggression must be Punished or Are you Kidding me?

Next mission CSEC Invitation - Attenuation

Summary Edit

Email Edit

The email here is different depending on how you got here.

If you only deleted the file on Proxy_Node-X04:

Greetings (name),

The CSEC group is an invite-only group of talented hackers and digital security experts. We offer substantial knowledge and resources to exceptional individuals to create a community of shared learning, information and progress.

A member of our group has extended an invitation for you to join our organization.

As an administrative detail, we'll require a small demonstration of your abilities and knowledge in order for you to be accepted into the group.

To continue, please reply to this email with the password you will find associated with your name on one of our test servers.

If you have any difficulties, we recommend you consult the Network Education Archives.

Congratulations, and good luck.

-CSEC Administration

If you deleted the files on Proxy_Node-X04 and Naix Root Gateway:

Walkthrough Edit Edit

  • Hack into the given link, CSEC Invitation Gauntlet.
  • Scan for linked servers; hack into second and third Invitation Gauntlet.
  • Find your password in the file 'Invitation_Passswords"
  • Reply to email with your password

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