Previous Mission Aggression must be Punished or Are you Kidding me?

Next mission CSEC Invitation - Attenuation

Summary Edit

Email Edit

The email here is different depending on how you got here.

If you only deleted the file on Proxy_Node-X04:

Greetings (name),

The CSEC group is an invite-only group of talented hackers and digital security experts. We offer substantial knowledge and resources to exceptional individuals to create a community of shared learning, information and progress.

A member of our group has extended an invitation for you to join our organization.

As an administrative detail, we'll require a small demonstration of your abilities and knowledge in order for you to be accepted into the group.

To continue, please reply to this email with the password you will find associated with your name on one of our test servers.

If you have any difficulties, we recommend you consult the Network Education Archives.

Congratulations, and good luck.

-CSEC Administration

If you deleted the files on Proxy_Node-X04 and Naix Root Gateway:

[Your Name Here,] I've just been bumped an email with a frankly intimidating recommendation for you to be offered an invitation to our little group. I don't know how you made friends with contacts like this (or if you even know who in talking about), but this is a big deal.

I'm with CSEC - you're skipping the automated sections of the induction at your sponsor's behest, so try and keep up. You'll need to pass my test too, before advancing though.

I've got something good in mind for you - shouldn't be too easy either!

I want you to break into the CFC servers and find me the 11 herbs and spices.

If you can get ahold of the list and upload it to the CSEC public drop server, I'd be more than happy to let you in.

-Vap0r CSEC Admin

Link: Link: CSEC Public Drop Server@

Walkthrough Edit

  • Follow IP address given by email CSEC Invitation Gauntlet.
  • To bypass firewall type command analyze several times until majority are zeros with a few letters
  • Command solve (letters that remain in order)
  • Hack per normal
  • Scan for linked servers
  • Hack into second server, overload with shell command to bypass proxy and hack per norm
  • Hack into third server with firewall and proxy bypass
  • Find your password in the file 'Invitation_Passswords"
  • Reply to email with your password