Target Machine CCC Hacksquad Filedump

IP Address:

Part of CSEC Contracts


  • Try to hack CCC Hacksquad Filedump

NOTE: This is the hardest hack in the entire game. Fortunately, this hack is optional and you can simply reply to the email again to finish the mission.



Dont know if you'll find anything here, but I thought you might want to check it out - I ran into this server with some scannng software - it's got a trace on it so I didn't poke around too much, but someone more experience might want to give it a look.

Let me know if you find anything or if it's super secure or something!



1st Method (Through failsafe mode):

  • If you really want to hack it, this is the easiest way.
  • Connect to CCC Hacksquad Filedump.
  • Run SQL_MemCorrupt.exe, let the trace you.
  • In failsafe, reconnect and run WebServerWorm.exe; let the trace you.
  • In failsafe, reconnect and run SSHcrack.exe, let the trace you.
  • In failsafe, run SecurityTracer.exe and then porthack.
  • Copy Honey_x-server.sys from the sys folder and disconnect.
  • Run reboot.
  • Enjoy the theme.

2nd Method (Without entering failsafe mode):

  1. Connect to CCC Hacksquad Filedump
  2. Run SecurityTracer.exe and then SQL_MemCorrupt.exe
  3. Type ps and find the process ID for Security Tracer, then kill it (it will kill the trace)
  4. Run SecurityTracer.exe when SQL_MemCorrupt is done, then run WebServerWorm.exe
  5. Repeat step 3.
  6. Run SecurityTracer.exe, SSHCrack.exe, then porthack
  7. Optional: Kill Security Tracer process
  8. Copy Honey_x-server.sys from the sys folder, rm the logs, and disconnect.

Console CommandsEdit

  • SQL_MemCorupt.exe
  • WebServerWorm.exe
  • SSHcrack.exe
  • SecurityTracer.exe
  • porthack
  • scp (for copyfile)
  • reboot