Target Machine Slash-Bot News Network
IP Address IP is random generated.
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Summary Edit

  • Overload Proxy
  • Crack SSH
  • PortHack
  • Delete the Entropy articles
  • Rename or Delete config.sys
  • ForkBomb or Reboot

Email Edit

Greetings (Your Username), Let me be the first to congratulate you on locating and passing the Entropy group entrance exam - while to an experienced hacker it's a relatively trivial task, surprisingly few actually seem to manage it. Before we will be able to allow you to officially join the group, we must further confirm your abilities. A tabloid news server has recently taken a negative stance towards Entropy, and we'd like to temporarily disable their operation. As a second test of your skill, we ask you to bring down this server's Message Board. If you can, leave the non-entropy related articles and the rest of the server intact - we do not wish to be needlessly destructive. This is not a request to simply wipe the server clean of articles - we want just that program brought down. -Tex

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Slash-Bot News Network
  • Run "Shell" on servers you already got admin access on. (1 is enough)
  • Connect to Slash-Bot News Network
  • Press Overload (Press the button named "Overload" at the left side of the game under "Shell")
  • Close the "Shells" when Bypassed Proxy (Next to "Overload")
  • Run SSHCrack on port 22
  • Run PortHack
  • CD to MsgBoard
  • CD to listings
  • RM the articles with Entropy in the name
  • CD back to MsgBoard
  • Rename or delete Config.sys
  • CD to logs
  • Delete all logs
  • ForkBomb or Reboot
  • Wait for an Email

Console Commands Edit

  • Shell (run "shell" on servers you already got admin access, like your PC)
  • Connect Slash-Bot News Network
  • Overload Proxy (Press the button named "Overload" at the left side of the game under "Shell")
  • SSHCrack 22
  • PortHack
  • CD /MsgBoard/listings
  • rm Entropy(tab) and Suspicions(tab)
  • CD ..
  • rm config.sys
  • CD ..
  • CD /log
  • rm *
  • ForkBomb or Reboot
  • Wait for an Email