Notes Hacknet Quick Reference Sheet
Target Machine Viper-Battlestation
IP Address
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Summary Edit

  • Break into Viper Battlestation
  • Download SSHCrack.exe

Email Edit

Great - that should keep you safe for now! At least from your own computer... Before we start, you're going to need a few things - porthack alone just isn't going to cut it on most modern computers you'll find... Not ones with anything worth looking at anyway. You should start by checking up on a friend of mine - he goes by "Viper" - Awful, I know. He's... honestly not the brightest crayon in the box, but he always seems to get a hold of useful code. You should have no trouble getting into his files - finding something useful might be a bit more of a challenge. You can for the most part ignore the 'generic' files - stuff that gets logged, or saved by a program; IRC Logs and the like. Custom named things like .exe files are what you want to look out for. Download any files you can use using the command "scp". Good luck - reply again when you're done! --Bit 0

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Viper Battlestation to your netmap
  • Probe Viper Battlestation
  • Run PortHack
  • View filesystem
  • Open bin folder
  • Download SSHCrack by typing "scp SSHCrack.exe"
  • Reply to Bit's email

Console Commands Edit

  • probe
  • PortHack
  • ls
  • cd bin
  • scp SSHCrack.exe
  • dc