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Target Machine Nortron Security Web Server

IP Address

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Summary Edit

  • Defile a website
  • Reply to Naix

Email Edit

Ok, Ok, I get it. Fair enough. Stop messing with my ****.

A bit sloppy leaving those logs on your box, but, seriously, it kinda looked like you had no idea what you're doing.

But hey, this could all be for the best,, It's not everyday you run into someone on the internet that's not a complete idiot you know.

I've got a little test for you - should be pretty fun. There's this security company that's basically a ******* joke, Nortron. Know them?

Yeah, tbh i'd rather have a virus then their "security" **** clogging up my system. It's totally trash. They make most of their sales from people who have no idea what they are doing.

I've been meaning to **** with their website for a while now - basically just plater the word "*****" all over it. ***** in the title, on the header, I don't even care if you change the whole webpage to just be the single word *****, really.

If you're into a little Hactivism for hilarity, let me see what you've got. Surely that'll be more fun then whatever you were originally here for, right?


P.S: You probably have no idea what real security is still, so I gave you a link to baby's first hacking guide too. Have fun!

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Nortron Security Web Server to your netmap
  • Connect to Nortron Security Web Server
  • Analyze the firewall until you know the code
  • Solve the firewall with the code you found
  • Crack HTTP and SMTP
  • PortHack
  • Click on View source
  • Use the replace command to defile the web page as you see fit. Include the word Naix gives you at least once.
  • Delete Logs
  • Reply to Naix

Console Commands : Edit

  • analyze (x5-7)
  • solve nortron
  • replace [target] DICKS