Notes Security Basics Guide
Target Machine Bitwise Test PC
Previous Mission Gathering Some Tools
Next Mission Something in return

Summary Edit

  • Run SSHCrack on Bitwise TestPC
  • Run PortHack

Email Edit

Congratulations! I honestly have no way of knowing if you succeeded in this responder, but if you're seeing this it means you at least found SOMETHING. I'm going to assume it's something really useful. You should try breaking one of my old test servers - if Viper had the sort of thing he's known for getting lying around, you should have everything you need to get in. Remember, any non-basic programs you get need a port number to run - like this: >SSHCrack 22 ^filename ^portnumber Just find a port you want to crack and run it on that. Oh, and incase you don't know already, you can hit tab to autocomplete commands - hitting "ssh" then tab should autocomplete it to the full name, etc. Works for everything! Good luck! --Bit 0

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Bitwise TestPC to your netmap
  • Probe the system
  • Run SSHCrack.exe on Port 22
  • Run PortHack
  • Disconnect
  • Reply to the email

Console Commands Edit

  • Probe
  • SSHCrack.exe 22
  • PortHack
  • dc