Note Name Email Contents
Hacknet Navigation Guide First Contact Use the display module, or the commands "cd [Foldername]" and "cat [Filename]" to navigate and read files. Delete files using "rm [Filename]" The Tab key can be used to autocomplete commands and filenames.
Security Basics Guide Maiden Flight Use Probe to see what ports are open. Target one with a program and target the correct port I.E: "SSHCrack 22" ^filename ^portnumber Breaking sufficient ports leaves the target vulnerable to a security breach using "Porthack".
Request Details Something in return Delete all files in the target computer's ~/log folder. The command "rm *" deletes every file in the folder you're currently in - use it carefully!
Proxy Server Info Where to from here A few notes on Proxy servers - a classic Entropy challenge. Run shells on computers you have admin access to with "Shell". Connect to a target computer, probe it's security. Use the shells to overload target proxy. NetEdu Archives will have more details.