The proxy is essentially a secondary computer that filters and caches network traffic to provide security and increase web performance on highly requested information. It is configured by default to ward off traffic that might be considered a network threat, such as FTP flooding. More or less in game, it prevents the player from opening ports to expose the server to PortHack.exe.

Overloading the ProxyEdit

1: Connect to any computer.
2: Gain admin access either by hacking or logging in (if you have the username & password)
3: Run the command "Shell" in console. Notice that you get a small program in your RAM.
4: Disconnect.

6: Connect to your target.
7: Run the command "Probe" in console.
8: Click on the "Overload" button in the RAM.
9: Once the Proxy-bar is completely grayed out (where it says "Proxy Detected"), you can open the ports and use PortHack to gain admin access.