Notes Request Details
Target Machine P. Anderson's Bedroom PC
IP Adress
Previous Mission Maiden Flight
Next Mission Where to from here

Summary Edit

  • Run SSHcrack on P. Anderson's Bedroom PC
  • Run Porthack
  • Delete Logs

Email Edit

Nice work! Here's where it's going to start getting harder. I need to ask a favor. I've been a little sloppy lately, which is what got me into this whole mess. It's why I'm writing this in the first place, I guess. Anyway, the point is, There's some logs on a few computers that I'd prefer weren't there. You should remember this, if you forgot everything else I tell you - Don't get sloppy. Delete your logs. If you haven't been, start now - everything you do on any modern OS is tracked and logged in the ~/log folder. Just go in there and >rm* the whole thing. Never forget to. Thanks. Good luck. --Bit 0

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add P. Anderson's Bedroom PC
  • Probe or Nmap P. Anderson's Bedroom PC
  • Run SSHCrack on port 22
  • Run Porthack
  • CD to logs
  • Delete all logs
  • Disconnect
  • Reply the email

Console Commands Edit

  • Probe/Nmap
  • SSHCrack.exe 22
  • PortHack.exe
  • CD Logs
  • rm *
  • dc