Mission Summary Edit

  1. Get acquainted with Hacknet's User Interface
  2. Remove SecurityTracer.exe

Walkthrough Edit

  • Click Scan Network, another PC appears, the name will change with every game.
  • Disconnect from your machine
  • Click on the newly discovered PC
  • The "console" window is now available, probe the PC by typing "probe" or "nmap"
  • You are presented with a list of ports, all ports are closed but not required for the hack, enter "PortHack" into the console, please note all commands can be auto completed by pressing Tab
  • Scan the newly hacked PC for additional access points, type "scan"
  • Display the filesystem of the PC you are connected to by typing "ls"
  • navigate to the bin folder by way of "cd bin"
  • open the only file in the bin directory by typing cat "config.txt"
  • move to the previous directory by typing "cd.." note that .. denotes back or up in the filesystem
  • access the log folder by typing "cd log"
  • remove all traces of your activity by typing "rm *" asterisk denotes all files in the active directory
  • with all traces removed, disconnect by typing "dc"
  • now all you need to do is close the tutorial by killing the process, it will be a different process id each time you start a new game
  • scan process id's by typing "ps"
  • kill the process linked to the tutorial by typing "kill (process #)

Bypassing the tutorial Edit

Typing "kill (process #) as soon as the console boots after the first few steps will allow you to skip the tutorial.

A Little Security Check Edit

After receiving your first email from Bit, he informs you that someone has placed a security tracker on your machine. You must remove it before proceeding.

  • Disconnect from the email server if you haven't already
  • Type "ls" to display your filesystem
  • All "exe" files are stored in the bin directory. type "cd bin" to reveal SecurityTracer.exe.
  • Type "rm *" since this is the only file in the directory
  • Go back to your email and reply to Bit to complete the tutorial

Involved Commands Edit