Notes Proxy Server Info
Target Machine Entropy Test Server
IP Adress
Additional Machine Network Education Archives
IP Adress
Previous Mission Something in return
Next Mission Confirmation Mission

Summary Edit

  • Run "Shell" on random servers
  • Go back to Entropy Test Server
  • Overload
  • Run SSHCrack on port 22
  • Run PortHack
  • Download Entropy_Induction_Test

Email Edit

Alright! If you see this, then you've done well and... well, all this might actually be worth something. Is that too much to hope for? It seems like a lot to hope for. I've realized that I just don't have time to write this whole thing - there's way too much to learn, and I don't have time to do any of it. So, I'm going to need ask something more. There's a group that goes by 'Entropy' that's currently accepting members. They'll be able to teach you more. When you're ready, I'll contact you again. As for getting into Entropy, You'll need to bypass a proxy server - a few shells (open using the command "shell") running on computers you've already got admin access on should be able to overload it. Good luck... and thankyou, --Bit 0 P.S: I almost forgot, if you run into trouble, I've linked the network education archives server too - it's got a lot of useful info on it.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Add Entropy test Server
  • Add Network Education Archives
  • Run "Shell" on servers you already got admin access on. (1 is enough)
  • Connect to Entropy test Server
  • Press Overload (Press the button named "Overload" at the left side of the game under "Shell")
  • Close the "Shells" when Bypassed Proxy (Next to "Overload")
  • Run SSHCrack on port 22
  • Run PortHack
  • CD to Home
  • Scp Entropy_Induction_Test
  • CD to Log
  • Delete all logs
  • dc
  • Wait for an Email

Console Commands Edit

  • Shell (run "shell" on servers you already got admin access, like your PC)
  • Connect (Entropy test Server)
  • Overload (Press the button named "Overload" at the left side of the game under "Shell")
  • SSHCrack 22
  • PortHack
  • CD /home
  • scp Entropy_Induction_Test
  • CD ../log
  • rm *
  • dc
  • Wait for an Email

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